Floating BunnyHead #2 is Nearly Here!


It’s finally finished! After like a million years, Floating BunnyHead #2 is done! I’m ordering copies in one week. It's 40 pages, full color just like issue #1.

I will have copies for sale at Cedar Rapids Comic Con (Feb 3rd). They will also be on shelves at some local comic shops.

Do you want to order any copies for yourself? Do you have a local comic shop that may want to carry FBH? Contact me.



Brandt 15 Painting Time Lapse Video

I recorded time lapse video of my latest painting, Brandt 15! I've entered this painting in a contest for Blick employees to have their artwork purchased by Blick's home office.

"Brandt 15" is a late addition to my Snack Attack series of work which explores my relationship with food, advertising, and pop culture. The Brandt 15 is a double cheeseburger with a grilled cheese sandwich in the middle that I once ordered from a pub in college. The absurd sandwich is placed on a pedestal with a gold plaque to commemorate that idiotic moment in time as if it were a historical milestone. 


PS1's Disco Ball Supply Inc. & other art

123 E. Washington St.
Iowa City, Iowa, IA 52240

Tuesday September 12 - Saturday September 16th. 
11am - 6 pm

Join us for PS1's DISCO BALL SUPPLY INC. & other art
a very shiny pop-up shop at RADinc.

Our motto: "Art is not a mirror held up to reality, but a MIRROR BALL with which to shape it." -- with apologies to Brecht

Disco Ball Supply Inc. is:

• A community space for the creation of DIY disco balls*
• Art for sale by local artists from PS1 and our awesome community partner Blick Art Materials (prints, jewelry, comic books, & more!)
• Answers to all your questions about Public Space One (where? what? when? who? why?)

* All materials provided! We request that disco balls created at Disco Ball Supply Inc. be part of the most epic disco ball installation that Iowa City has ever seen at DIY VIP: PS1 Member Party on Sat. Sept. 16. After that, you can take them home! 


Source: https://www.facebook.com/events/990465571091507/

Willowwind School Visiting Artist

I'm honored to be the first visiting artist of the school year at Willowwind School in Iowa City! A selection of works from my SNACK ATTACK series is currently on display in the lobby of the school. I will also be meeting with students this month to talk about my art and the food imagery that I use in my Snack Attack art series. 

Food Kaiju Pentaptych on the wall at Willowwind

Food Kaiju Pentaptych on the wall at Willowwind